Hand blender Goodhelper НВ-311

Hand blender Goodhelper НВ-311 is an easy-in-use item, good for blending various kinds of food products.

✓ SS blades

Grinding blade both in blender rod and in a mill are made from high quality stainless steel with titanium electroplating. Blade are of extreme sharpness quality and high durability, that is why they can be used for blending and grinding even hardest products and ice. Blades cannot be corroded and can be easily washed.

✓ Ergonomics

Ergonomically designed blender handle makes using of this blender very convenient. It is easy to hold it in a hand and you do not feel tired even if you use it for a long time.

✓ Removable rod

This item is equipped with a plastic removable rod. It is easy to remove it for washing.

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Basic parameters

Warranty period 1 year
Country of origin CHINA


Rated power ~220-240V 50 Hz


Material of cabinet Plastic
Hanging loop NO
Material of blades Stainless steel + titanium
Material of rod Plastic

Power cord

Power cord length 0.9 m


Power consumption 280 W


Control 1 speed


Accessories 1
Chopper NO
Volumetric glass NO
Volumetric glass capacity NO

Color , dimensions and Weight

Color white
Weight 920 g

Certification data